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Our IT management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics & sustainability across all industries.  We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We are a proven multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Solutions & Security

The world moves fast, with ever-expanding capabilities made possible by new technology. With this increased breadth, however, comes a new era of risk. That’s why we’ve made a priority of protecting your information, so that everything you can imagine is still within reach.


Integris has expert IT consultants and advisors who will implement the best systems and infrastructure for your company. Our goal is to facilitate your growth and success, with a careful eye on security. As a global leader in IT services, we provide digital and business solutions that best meet the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive industry experience and expansive network of delivery centers make us an obvious choice, and when you consider our track record of deep commitment to our customers, the optimal choice.


We recognize that the technological world is fluid and multi-faceted, and we deftly adapt to changing environments. Our staff has the agility and experience to meet consumer demand and make your business competitive at the top level.

Business Process Services

Fast, Controlled Change


The need for change has never been stronger, yet the risks have never been greater.


Enterprises can no longer just respond to change they must now lead it. But commercial upside can come at a price: continuous operational risk and constant organizational pain. And it’s asking too much of a running business process.


The answer lies in a more active approach towards business process, that isn’t simply aligned to outcomes but acts as a catalyst—fueling the sort of change that will disrupt markets, but not be disruptive to the business. We call it the Process of Rapid Evolution.


Integris Business Process Services help enterprises step-change faster without massive organizational upheaval—by simultaneously being more innovative and efficient. We help accelerate the evolution of a business, without the need for revolution.


Process Efficiency


Without the right business base the right conditions for rapid evolution will never exist.
Change costs. It’s not just the investment, but also organizational and operational impacts—as well as the effect on customers and employees. But does it have to?

Integris Business Process Services creates a better landscape for rapid change. By delivering new ways to drive bigger cost reductions that free the capital to fund innovation. By bringing more predictability to business outcomes and therefore greater resilience. By ensuring new levels of efficiency, operations excellence and productivity to heighten business confidence. The result? The right commercial environment for Rapid Evolution.

Process Change


Business process must be ready for change no matter how fast it comes.
Change is coming from all directions: competitors, customers, compliance, consumerization of technology. The question is how can businesses be better armed?
Integris Business Process Services helps organizations be more agile in a world of change. Our process modernization helps enterprises to better manage the new core and context—and accelerate the next generation technologies and business processes.
Our driving force is inherent flexibility, so business models can more expand and innovate. It all adds up to one thing: faster and more controlled change.


Organizational Change Management

Without change management, there is a major risk of failure in implementing a new business or transformation strategy. Change involves adopting new mindsets, processes and technologies and change management helps people make the transition successfully.


We work with executives on a range of strategic and transformational challenges:


  • Organization/target operating models
  • Complex technology transformation and adoption programs/multiyear ERP engagements/regulatory reforms/SMAC
  • Outsourcing planning and transitions (ITO/BPO)
  • Post merger integration
  • Restructuring




Organization Readiness Assessment


  • Assess the organization’s aptitude for change
  • Develop the recommendations to guide the design of the change program and to transform the culture to attain the desired state


Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement


  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Understand stakeholders requirements and preferences
  • Establish change agents in the organization
  • Understand the change impact on people in the organization, including the process and technology dimensions
  • Prioritize the different impacts and develop effective mitigation strategies


Communication Strategy, Planning and Execution


  • Ensure adequacy, timeliness, consistency and that the context of communication is maintained
  • Establish a two-way communication network
  • Develop targeted communications to stakeholders with varying degree of buy-in for the change


Change Impact Assessment and Analysis


  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Understand stakeholder requirements and preferences
  • Establish change agents in the organization


Organization Design


  • Create organization design and governance models
  • Assess the impact of change on the organization structure
  • Develop an effective organization structure to operate after the change
  • Determine which roles/responsibilities will be changed or eliminated


Skill Gap Assessment and Training Needs Analysis


  • Determine what skill gaps may exist on human resources that may affect their performance once the change is implemented
  • Develop a comprehensive training plan and associated material to support the change

Business & IT Strategy

In today’s increasingly virtualized and globalized workplace, organizations need new ways to innovate, allocate resources and reinvent processes leveraging the latest trends. That’s where smart strategies pay off, particularly in times of economic uncertainty.


Working closely with clients, our consultants help your company define new innovative target operating models to drive the business transformations needed to achieve success. Our teams are global and our management consultants’ experience runs deep.




Business and Target Operating Model


Integris provides advice on creating competitive advantage by transforming business and target operating models. Our consultants speak the language of business and IT to ensure the business model, operating model and people/organization model are aligned. Our consultants focus on the following topics:


  • How do we ensure the target operating model optimally supports the business strategy?
  • How does the new target operating model improve the way the organization, the business processes and IT work?
  • What are the near-term and long-term implementation roadmaps, from current to desired future state?


Digital Strategy and Innovation


Our consultants define digital business strategies aligned to business objectives leveraging the latest digital capabilities to produce sustainable competitive advantage. We focus on addressing key issues:


  • Do we have a digital strategy that is adaptive, generates value and considers new business models?
  • Where do we stand in being “Digital” compared to our competitors?
  • How can Digital Strategy be incorporated into our product development process?
  • How can we increase digital commerce to help maximize revenues?
  • How does our financial position change with a new digital operating model?


Business and IT Strategy Alignment


Integris services provide advice on creating competitive advantage by leveraging IT to transform business operations. Our consultants speak the language of business and IT to provide:


  • Holistic analyses of an IT organization, including business‑IT alignment, technology, operations, governance and processes
  • End-state definition, including target portfolio, infrastructure, governance, Program Management Office, architecture, strategic sourcing and staffing models
  • Cost-benefit analysis to evaluate value proposition
  • Near-term and long-term implementation roadmaps, from current to desired future state


Application Portfolio Rationalization


Our systematic approach to portfolio rationalization helps determine the best option for each IT application or asset analyzed based upon its value. Options range from retention, to application phase-out, to remediation/rewrite or outsourcing. Services include:


  • Align business and IT so that IT works on what’s most valuable
  • Establish a quantitative baseline of the efficiency and effectiveness of the current application landscape for better decisions
  • Effect changes in the application portfolio (including retirements and consolidation) for immediate payback
  • Provide valuable input to senior management to improve IT organizational effectiveness


Global Sourcing Transformation


To help you realize the maximum benefits of outsourcing, we use a science-driven, holistic approach. Our method includes use of context-specific analytical models for application development, application management, IT infrastructure services, ERP and business processes.


Our modeling helps define the areas that could be outsourced and includes the sourcing model, transition plan and staffing model. You’ll receive a detailed plan of an IT outsourcing strategy along with a cost‑benefit analysis.


IT Cost Optimization


Cost transparency enables you to make informed decisions on where costs can be reduced without compromising on business transformation. Using multiple tools and accelerators, we can help you meet cost-cutting objectives while preserving ongoing business performance.


IT Organization & Operating Model


IT departments must be organized to meet current business objectives while at the same time stay flexible in order to adapt to change as the business requires. We work with you to define operating models aligned to business objectives and industry best practices through:


  • A cost-benefit analysis defining core organizational functions, roles and staffing levels and identifying areas for cost optimization, including global sourcing and creation of shared services
  • An implementation roadmap, including a change management plan to reach the desired state
  • A strategy for risk mitigation


Staffing Solutions

Today’s government agencies require information technology and staffing partners that are right in the center of this ever changing world of technology. We use our insight, knowledge and connections to respond quickly and efficiently to your business needs. With more than 20 years of experience in providing IT services, solutions and business operations to the government sector, lntegris has the historical knowledge and industry expertise to establish exceptional connections to outperform your expectations and realize the potential of government initiatives.


lntegris provides government organizations with operational effectiveness and efficiencies to take the strategic approach needed to excel in their core missions. Our vast experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires skills both in working with clients as business partners and in providing the leadership to manage large-scale, complex consulting engagements. We ensure that only the most qualified, talented people are applied to these projects in a well-managed environment. Combined with our breadth of service offerings, this makes lntegris the preferred choice for any government entity.


lntegris, as a leader in both technical and non-technical staffing services,  connects the very best professionals to great opportunities at leading companies. We have access to over 70 locations and a roster of over 1,000,000 consultants ready to serve.


lntegris is continually adding capability and depth of experience to its core. As our name suggests, we hope to become the government’s trustworthy services partner.


Security Strategy

21st century enterprise security isn’t just about anti-virus and firewalls anymore. Our users and services are no longer consistently “inside” the perimeter, and the threat landscape is more complex than ever. And standards bodies continue to introduce further obligations, both helpful and burdensome.


These increasing challenges cry out for a mature, comprehensive security strategy: One that empowers our users to take advantage of new technology while protecting sensitive data, increasing productivity, and instilling confidence across the enterprise.


Integris has both the experience and the strategic acumen to help you build, implement, and validate that holistic security approach. We will work with you to construct a strategy that is tailored precisely to your enterprise’s needs in this rapidly-changing field.




IT security doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We are the guardians of IT services and data on behalf of the business, and we have to maintain alignment with enterprise priorities, as well as ensure that our practices conform to standards imposed by government and other regulatory bodies.


A strong Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) program gets everyone speaking the same language and moving toward the same goals. It makes clear the chain of command, security policies, and enforcement processes – and confirms that the enterprise is living up to its standards.




  • A unified approach to GRC, identifying and then managing the processes called for in your GRC.
  • Analytical reviews and assessments to define and understand acceptable risk tolerances.
  • Definition and enforcement of policies and controls.
  • Assurance that crucial and sensitive information is properly secured, transmitted and accessible.
  • Checkpoints to make certain all areas of IT are in compliance to avoid penalties.
  • Evidence the compliance systems are running and maintained.
  • Proof of secure networks, services and devices.




Securing your enterprise requires a multi-layered approach, ensuring that no attack vector is left defenseless. Our consultants work with you to build a security approach that won’t allow an individual vulnerability to become a breach.


Integris has a robust, three-stage method for developing your defense in depth strategy:


  • Solution Identification analyzes your current security posture, determining the risks and potential threats to your organization and recommending appropriate security solutions for each layer of defense.
  • The Solution Roadmap is a detailed timeline showing the cost of each identified risk and threat to your business. The solution roadmap works within the budgetary platform of your business, being mindful of the best possible solution given your financial considerations. It is a flexible roadmap, able to adapt to both changing priorities within your organization and emerging security risks worldwide.
  • Our Solution Adoption services help enterprises implement security solutions from the Roadmap, such as rolling out anti-virus/anti-malware software or implementing data loss prevention solutions. We take care to ensure the design, implementation, and ongoing management of the solutions seamlessly integrate with existing IT processes and procedures.




While strong remediation is critical, the ultimate goal of any security strategy is to avoid and prevent security events before they become problems that impact your business. The best way to be prepared is to have ready access to the highest-quality information about worldwide security threats, attacks, and trends. Integris’ Global Threat Intelligence is powered by Symantec’s DeepSight service. DeepSight provides valuable information for security-focused decision makers and feeds that data to the security solutions themselves, eliminating vulnerabilities proactively and stopping security events before they start.


Implementing DeepSight funnels all the working data to a single authoritative source so your IT team can respond with efficiency. DeepSight allows businesses to:


  • Obtain vital intelligence on potential threats so counter-measures can be implemented.
  • Adjust their security posture based on the greatest points of vulnerability.
  • Improve productivity of security operations, allowing teams to focus on the most critical threats.
  • Increase the agility and response capability of all Symantec security solutions.


Software Development

Solutions from scratch with agile development.


Integris works on a foundation of versatile skill sets to meet the complex, individual needs of any project.


Born in enterprise work, the team quickly expanded and gained early experience in social, web and mobile work. Integris’ experience allows the development team to mould its approach to fit any need, platforms or operating system.


Our approach:


  • We lead with design. Our User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) design team is made up of experts at creating efficient & easy to use applications.
  • Our DNA is in enterprise development.When your mobile or web strategy requires deep integration into enterprise applications, infrastructure, ERP & directory, Integris has the solutions.

Management & Operations

Automating IT management and operations for your business is no small task. Integris has a long history integrating IT management and operations solutions for all company sizes and verticals. Our industry best practice approach covers a wide range of solutions. From endpoint to mobile management and service desk to business process automation, Integris has the talent, the methodology and the cutting edge solutions to achieve efficient results across an enterprise.




  • The lifecycle of an endpoint: Your team is outfitted with a bank of shiny new desktop computers. While it may be strange to consider the entire cycle of that new computer’s life before the flakes of the packaging peanuts have settled, it is vital to think through each phase. To ensure a long and productive life of an endpoint, careful management is a necessity and efforts such as software update and configuration updates are paramount.




  • Procurement
    • Client discovery & inventory
    • Imaging deployment & configuration
  • Staging
    • Application packaging & delivery
    • Software management & virtualization
  • Production
    • Patch management
    • Business continuity
    • Monitoring & tracking
    • Remote assistance & troubleshooting
  • Retirement
    • Transition & migration
    • Disposal preparation




  • MDM: Mobile Device Management from Integris works with corporate or personal devices. We implement device restrictions, device configuration and user empowerment as well as other necessary management tools to ensure devices used in relation to your business are never at risk and used to their greatest potential.




  • Device restrictions:
    • Pass code restrictions
    • Camera restrictions
  • Device configuration and empowerment:
    • Email configuration
    • WIFI
    • VPM
    • Certificates
  • Self-service:
    • Device wiping
    • Device location
    • Password changing




  • Mobile Application Management is just that: the managing of applications for mobile devices. We create an internal enterprise app-store related to the needs of your employees while they’re conducting business. Not only do we secure access to the various applications, but our security measures go one level deeper by securing the content being accessed, sent and used. This high-level security means users aren’t able to wipe or destroy the app along with the transmitted information. We also implement a firm policy around applications to make certain your sensitive data and content isn’t open to compromise.




  • Exclusive enterprise app store;
  • Publishing capability of homegrown and secure web apps;
  • Security of apps and inter-app communications enabling the user to operate the device as it is assigned; and
  • MCM: Mobile Content Management offers smart content delivery systems. Integris has easy, safe solutions for transferring data and files.




  • Secure content publishing;
  • Secure file and folder sharing; and
  • Sensitive content control including content expiration, content policy and update management.




  • Service Request Systems: We set up sophisticated service request portals prepared to manage requests, problems, questions, issues or concerns with the many facets of information critical to the operation of your business. Our service solution manages incidents in an advanced ticketing systems that tracks and organizes problems and solutions for support analysts as well as self-service for the end user.


Requests will come, they always do. From an app freezing a tablet to a broken printer to a request for different supplies, we integrate IT Service Management systems specifically designed for your needs that will handle all requests efficiently. Integris is your go-to partner to develop, streamline and effectively automate your business processes to realize the most efficient, impeccable center for service.




  • Asset Management Process Consulting: Wondering where all your assets are? We can help. We’ll build a robust asset management program so you’ll never wonder where all your assets reside. Our systems automate asset management, which means you can pull data automatically to see at-a-glance where each asset lives in relation to everything else. Integris pulls all the necessary data in order to get the full picture of the status of your IT assets. The findings are presented in an interactive report helping guide purchasing and procurement decisions. The automated notifications will keep you abreast of warranty due dates, renewals and potential end-of-life scenarios so you can be proactive instead of despairing.
  • Massaging the Data: With the likelihood that concrete information about the current state of your assets might be spread throughout many sources of data across your business (some in accounting, some on a project manager’s spreadsheet, while some assets are left unaccounted for altogether) we are committed to gathering all that data and consolidating it, so the streamlined version is more accessible, easily accounted for, smart and clear.


Managed Services

Creating a secure wall around your enterprise is becoming evermore challenging in today’s world of sophisticated but malicious hackers and cyber attackers. Malware and viruses are being created and worked on by hackers continuously, which is why your business needs continuous monitoring and managing to thwart and catch even the smallest possible point of vulnerability.


We build sustainable management programs on a grand scale for large companies.




This managed service from Intuitive is built so every single piece of potentially at-risk hardware and software is tracked, logged and the aggregated data is centralized to pinpoint and analyze the security threats. Our service eliminates the need to hire a team to unravel the problem; we manage security threats with mastery and efficiency so you can get back to doing good business.




  • Endpoint Management Remote Administration: If your team is efficient and lean, there may not be room for hiring staff just to take care of, understand and then manage the solutions for your endpoint users. Our remote administrator is set up to care for your critical systems on your behalf. We monitor log reports ensuring systems are healthy and running as expected. You receive log reports with what was done during monitoring: checked an issue, made a fix, all systems go, etc.
  • Security Control Remote Administration: When an enterprise initiates a security solution the first step has been taken in building a bulwark of defense. The next step is care and management of that solution. Our remote administration is an efficient way to ensure each end user’s computer is running the solution—the best defense is a wall with no breech.
  • Mobility Administration & Maintenance: Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) administration and maintenance are key offerings from Intuitive. Our remote administrators set the business policies for your end user’s devices, maintain the systems, update devices to ensure the latest system is running and track mobile devices to guarantee everything is working properly.



During each new security or management solution implementation from Integris, we always provide excellent training and mentoring services. Our goal is to make certain post-implementation of our solutions achieve the absolute maximum ROI for our customers.


We are professional mentors educating your staff or team with enriching experiences, equipping them with tools for continued advancement. The key to the successful adoption of a new technology solution is found in the education trenches on the various tools and expertise our mentors offer.




  • Customize core content to fit your unique needs;
  • Empower your staff with tangible capabilities;
  • Provide top-tiered IT professionals qualified in mentoring and teaching; and
  • Tailor your specific training and mentoring session to accommodate any trainee or group of trainees from 1-on-1 engagement to larger group sessions.


Big Data

Integris provides enterprise organizations with high-level services for big data management and business intelligence projects.  As the market demand for these skill sets exponentially increases, Integris has built a consultant based talent pool of high-end resources with skill sets such as Hadoop, Teradata, ETL, as well as Data Scientists, Program and Project Managers focused specifically on big data initiatives.


Integris’ clients regularly engage us as a chosen provider for these skill sets on long-term, high-end big data and business intelligence projects.




  • Help clients uncover hidden insights buried in big data, extract context from content, and understand entities, relationships, and influence the information has on events
  • Enable clients to make effective use of their existing information so they can focus on solving their toughest challenges
  • Drive value from the impending onslaught of data and provide tools to transform information into actionable decision points
  • Provide advanced analytics to drive the detection of threats and fraud, secure high-value networks, and deliver results for clients


Integris provides the IT solutions and security to protect your future and facilitate successful growth.