General Construction


Our success in roofing led the company into all areas of general construction. Today we build everything: buildings, structures, commissaries, barracks, airports, hospitals – even roads and power plants. We are continually expanding our project portfolio. Construction projects for Integris are its lifeblood. We invest heavily into safety and education. We understand the role these projects have in job creation and, as a consequence, create specific hiring and staffing campaigns to suit the needs of each position. We attempt to make opportunities for all to share in the American Dream. Our primary trades include drill-down specialty expertise, roofing, dry wall, flooring, MEP mechanical, common infrastructure (networking, servers, etc.), metal buildings, highways, and dedicated structures (hospitals, IT centers, etc.) Integris collaborates closely with our subcontractors and architects to develop an innovative, efficient plan that defines the project goals and delivers quality standards. This plan will then be fully communicated to the entire team and monitored throughout the duration of the project. From pre-construction to closeout, our project management system ensures proper checks and balances to deliver flawless execution.




The ultimate goal of every client is the creation of value – a maximum return on investment. Project quality, cost and schedule are key factors in determining value. Many contractors view these factors as diametrically opposed; that is, they believe quality is achieved only with higher cost and more time, or that fast-track construction requires the sacrifice of quality and cost.

With decades of construction experience working in the great state of Texas and throughout the US, Integris is a contractor you can trust.