Emergency Response

& Disaster Recovery

Our hurricane debris removal monitors are standing by. We can deploy with boots on the ground within 24 hours!

 Bringing Hope to the Hopeless


Integris is a federal contractor providing comprehensive emergency response services. We deploy nationwide, including to our protected territories. Depending on the severity and location of the event, we will be on site within 24-72 hours.


Natural disasters pose significant threat not only to lives, but they also leave lasting damage to the surrounding terrain, urban environments, and economy. Our Debris Removal Monitoring Team is able to mobilize immediately to oversee and report on entire projects. We have 60+ trained hurricane response monitors that are standing by that can have boots on the ground within 24 hours. Our Stabilization Team is able to excavate, demolish, and remove hazardous and non-hazardous material from roads and waterways. In addition they will set about providing temporary structures, patching roofs, and reinforcing buildings to stave off collapse.


Once an area is deemed safe by Integris for first responders to do their work, our Infrastructure Team can bring in fresh water, set up temporary power grids with generators, and generally support first responders in their efforts. Our priority then shifts to getting network connectivity up and running as soon as possible. We bring our own portable communication towers with radio and wi-fi. We set up temporary telecommunications and provide IT infrastructure for key sectors: hospitals, police, response teams, etc.


During this initial stabilization effort, Integris can work with leaders to establish priorities.  Our Planning and Response Team helps assess damage, identify adjustment basis for insurance, draft communication documents, identify and source funds (city, state, county, and federal), etc.


As an 8(a) contractor, we are able to directly source contracts and employ reconstruction efforts immediately – without needing to bid the work out.   While municipal and county leadership is on-boarding emergency contracts, MATOCs, etc. our team will be stabilizing their communities.



Bonding & Finance


The single most critical requirement to deploy quickly and broadly is the ability to finance and insure ramp up while municipalities and counties organize. Integris maintains significant credit reserves and over $300MM in bonding. We can begin service while you work out the paperwork.

Debris Removal Monitoring


Integris has professional debris removal monitors standing by, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Within 24 hours we can have 60 monitors with boots on the ground, with more following closely behind. Our monitors are trained to observe and report in accordance to FEMA Manual 325.

Technical Assistance

Integris realizes that disaster debris services and their subsequent costs are typically one of the first and foremost concerns of federal, state and local governments. We offer guidance related to the debris contract, management and documentation processes of this closely-scrutinized category of disaster recovery assistance and what can be done ahead of time to best prepare for commencement of work. We have former FEMA management personnel on staff to provide technical assistance to clients.


Technical assistance services provided by Integris includes:


  • Provide recovery program overview to local elected officials
  • Draft and recommend local government resolutions for funding purposes
  • Brief local government managers on recovery process, procedures and council obligations
  • Provide recommendations for organizing local Disaster Recovery Team
  • Prepare local Disaster Recovery Team for key recovery meetings  with state and federal recovery representatives
  • Assist local government with preliminary documentation for Category A-Debris Removal and Category B-Emergency Protective Measures Project Worksheets (PW)
  • Review Project Worksheet documents for accuracy, completeness and value
  • Assist and support the local Disaster Recovery Team members throughout the recovery process
  • Remain available for other/additional support as may be needed

Disaster Response

First responders need access to roads and ways. Hospitals need to be dry and powered. Communications need to be restored. Prevention structures (dams, levees, etc.) need to be bolstered. Integris upon deployment clears the way so your teams can properly respond to the health and welfare of your citizens.


Our process is comprehensive and scalable:


  1. Emergency Response Prioritization
  2. Debris Removal from Roads & Ways
  3. Foliage and Tree Control
  4. Rapid (Engineered) Drainage & Controlled/Directed Run-off
  5. Demolition of At Risk Structures
  6. Hospital and Response Center Fortifications:
    • Power
    • Dry-In
    • Communication
    • Resource Procurement
  7. Levee Construction
  8. Hazardous Waste Handling
  9. Site Preparation
  10. Road and Utility Work
  11. Emergency Berm Construction
  12. Cellular Tower Construction
  13. Additional Disaster Support Services as needed


We maintain a fleet of excavation and debris removal equipment as well as the people necessary to do the work. We maintain a deep and diverse pool of subcontractors also able to supplement our Integris forces where and when needed.

Disaster Support

Integris has extensive experience in all phases of disaster response and recovery, not just debris removal, reduction and management. We realize that many unforeseen needs may exist following a disaster – and we are prepared to provide a full spectrum of support services beyond debris management.


Disaster support services provided by Integris include:


  • Complete Debris Removal, Disposal and Recovery
  • Portable Housing
  • Temporary Power Services
  • Emergency Ice, Water, other consumables
  • Hazardous Material Handling
  • Bio-Mass Recycling
  • Road and Utility Work
  • Cell Tower Construction
  • Pre-Event Services
  • Technical and Management Assistance

Marine Operations

Integris’ Marine Operations experience includes high-tech marine surveying as well as large-scale marine salvage and recovery services.


Debris recovery in coastal and inland waterways requires a unique approach, and Integris is pioneering and implementing techniques that few in the industry can offer. By using some of the latest technology, like hyper-sensitive sonar arrays, we have made great strides in underwater surveying, identification, and plotting.


The high-tech equipment we use makes our extraction processes more efficient and less harmful to the environment than other methods. Instead of dragging or trawling an entire area, we can now pinpoint and target specific items – from something as small as a soda can to an object as large as an airplane.


With a clear picture of what lies beneath the surface, we identify and accurately locate all kinds of objects – from washing machines and refrigerators to furniture and automobiles. We have even located historic wrecks and archeological relics off the Galveston coast and submerged houses in the waters of New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.


Environmental mitigation and rehabilitation work covers a wide span of disciplines. Integris has experience with helping agencies assess and identify the issues facing waterways, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive geographies. Our team also provides hands-on solutions, both immediate and long-term. We can help you restore wetlands, stave off erosion, or even terraform a new island into existence. We help dredge around and through fragile and protected areas with innovative technologies. Integris provides forward-thinking programs that can last years, e.g. multistage land grafts converting recovered beach areas into vibrant hatcheries and wetlands.


As our construction division and environmental teams work together, the results are robust and fantastic. Integris is a unique marine construction firm. We do not approach any singular project as other incumbent marine contractors do. For example, our dredging operations always contain analysis that examines the net impact to the placement area and the consequent rollover into the surrounding ecosystem. We work with the agency having jurisdiction to derive optimal solutions prior to engaging in the base work. Integris takes best practices gleaned from our above-ground work and applies the knowledge to marine construction. When constructing a dam or fortifying submerged structures, Integris will consult with other teams (like general construction) to ensure the best outcome.

General Construction

Integris had its start as a commercial roofing company. Our success in roofing led the company into all areas of general construction. Today we build everything: buildings, structures, commissaries, barracks, airports, hospitals – even roads and power plants. Integris is continually expanding our project portfolio.


Construction projects for Integris are its lifeblood. We invest heavily into safety and education. We understand the role these projects have in job creation and, as a consequence, create specific hiring and staffing campaigns. We attempt to make opportunities for others to share in the American Dream.


Our primary trades include drill-down specialty expertise, roofing, dry wall, flooring, MEP mechanical, common infrastructure (networking, servers, etc.), metal buildings, highways, and dedicated structures (hospitals, IT centers, etc.)

When disaster strikes, leaving devastation in its wake, Integris is ready 24/7 to mobilize and respond in rebuilding the communities that make up this great nation!