Integris Projects | Federal Contractor in Houston, TX
Integris Projects is an SBA 8(a) federal contractor based in Houston, TX, specializing in commercial roofing, hydraulic dredging, and IT services.
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Integris is a management and development firm based in Friendswood, TX. Since our inception in 1983, we have been family-owned and operated. Integris is comprised of a diverse team of skilled professionals.


Our portfolio is broken into the following six categories: Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery, Marine Operations, Roofing Services, General Construction, Information Technology & Logistics, and Engineering & Architectural Services.

Response & Recovery - IntegrisResponse & Recovery hover - Integris
General Construction - IntegrisGeneral Construction hover - Integris
Marine Operations - IntegrisMarine Operations hover - Integris
IT & Logistics - IntegrisIT & Logistics hover - Integris
Roofing Services - IntegrisRoofing Services hover - Integris
Engineering Architectural Services - IntegrisEngineering Architectural Services hover - Integris


Integris has always performed quality work, completed projects in a timely manner, and met all of our expectations. —International Distribution Corporation


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713-920-7123   |   |   104 E Heritage Drive Friendswood, TX 77546